To help keep the kids entertained you can grab these free amazing aniamls  printables


Spreading some kindness with these free puzzles. Just pay for postage. Uk only

Im doing more blogs through this tough time for everyone, including my new series looking at careers that let you carry on your love of animals. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Button and Squirt.

Explore the amazing animals we share the earth with through our amazing animal range. Check out our Amazing Animal Fact Cards to learn all about some of our favourite unusual animals from around the world. 

 All of our items are based on my illustrations, my dream is to teach kids all about animals and develop a true passion that they can carry through their lives and want to protect our earth for themselves and the future. 

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What you guys think of Button and Squirt...

We all LOVE our Amazing Animals Fact Cards! Beautifully drawn with fascinating facts!


Wiltshire, UK

Anything Button and Squirt creates is well loved by both of my children! My four year old loves learning about all the different animals! She tells everyone shes going to be a scientist and save the animals!


Frome, UK

Beautiful quality, always get compliments on my proboscis monkey cushion and jewellery