raising money for our amazing animals

teaching kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with whilst raising money to help protect them

so far we have raised £2009.52 for wildlife charities! (including amounts that were doubled as part of the work for good small business star campaign)

Work for good charity champion 2022

I have been named as a Charity Champion by Work for good for my fundraising throughout 2022. Meaning that not only have I raised a fantastic amount of money for the fabulous charities that I support but I have also helped to raise awareness for them.

You can read more about all the 2022 charity champions here.

5% from every sale donated to various wildlife and conservation charities

Since I began Button and Squirt and first created the original set of fact cards I have wanted sales of my cards to donate to wildlife and conservation charities. I want my range to teach kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with whilst also raising money to protect them. 

5% from every sale (excluding delivery charge) will be donated to a wildlife or conservation charity, the charity will change every couple of months.

Right now we are raising money for the wonderful Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

All donations are made through the wonderful Work For Good to ensure we comply with all legal requirements and regulations related to raising money for charity. 

We are currently raising funds for the wonderful Whale and Dolphin Conservation

So far we have raised

May 2024 £8.40 (so far)

April 2024 £32.13

March 2024 £14.33

February 2024 £23.56

January 2024  £26.92

December 2023 £58.03

November 2023 £45

October 2023 £31.48

September 2023 £27.55

August 2023 £20.70

July 2023 £20.72

June 2023 £17.74

May 2023 £17.65

April 2023 £15.52

March 2023 £22.65

February 2023 £5.25

January 2023 £10.40

December 2022 £29.12

November 2022 £78.47

October 2022 £67.18

September 2022 £8.55

August 2022 £20.45

July 2022 £12.75

June 2022 £16.22

May 2022 £19.73

April 2022 £7.52

March 2022 £16.97

February 2022 £25.60

January 2022 £31

December 2021 (from 6th) £35.20 - doubled as part of the small business star campaign from work for good = £70.40

November 2021 (up to 5th Dec) £124.90 - doubled as part of the small business star campaign from work for good = £249.80

October 2021 £67.42

September 2021 £48.85

Plus an extra £5 from a referral on work for good, where another business signed up to donate through them after I recomended them.

Over the months that I have been fundraising for Whale and Dolphin Conservation I have raised a total of (including doubled amounts from the small business star campaign) 

find all our whale and dolphin themed items here

Previously we raised funds for the wonderful Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

I am so happy to say that we were part of the Small Business Star campaign with Work for Good which means that the £282 I donated from November has been doubled.

August 2021  £35.52

July 2021 £39.77

June 2021 £24.27

May 2021 £8.87

April 2021 £26.15

March 2021 £38.79

February 2021 £36.25

January 2021 £63.16

December 2020 £103.88

November 2020 £282.57 doubled to £565.14

Over the months we raised funds for The Cheetah Conservation Fund we raised a total of (including the doubled amount in November)