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  1. I am very excited to let you all know that I have been awarded a good practice award by Let toys be toys 



    Awarded by Let Toys Be Toys for marketing inclusively to children, free from gender stereotypes


    I have always felt passionately that toys should be aimed at all children equally, I have never subscribed to the idea that certain things are for boys and certain things are for girls and so I am always concious about making sure that my range is aimed at boys and girls equally. I want all children to discover a love for nature and a passion to protect it for the future. 

    I am so pleased to have received this award from 

    Go check them out and support their campaign for toys to free from gender stereotypes.

  2. So heres a blog post I didn't imagine I would be writing, but here we are. 

    Two days ago I received an email telling me that I was commiting a trademark infringement, I was pretty shocked, as its something I am very concious of so I couldn't think what I might have done. 

    When I found out what it was I was more than a bit shocked by it, yes its something I was doing (and it turns out I was doing it a lot), and it was something I thought I was doing in a perfectly legal way, but I was very wrong. 

    So by now you are wondering what it could be, and thats where it might get a bit tricky for me to explain...without saying the thing that I'm not allowed to say.