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  1. Lots of ideas for using your Amazing Animals Cards

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    How to use your amazing animals cards.

    So if you already have a set of my amazing animals fact cards you will know that one of the ways I suggest to use them is testing each other on the facts. You start by reading the cards together and learning the information and then you can turn it into a game, pull out a card and see if the other person can answer a question about it, or tell you its scientific name, score points for each correct answer and see who knows the most….


  2. How to create an Amazing Animals advent calendar this Christmas

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    So last year a lovely customer got in touch to tell me that she had ordered a pack of my amazing animals cards for her kids, not ready for a christmas present but instead to create their advent calendar. I instantly loved the idea, and knew I wanted to steal it for this christmas. After checking the kids refillable calendars and realising the cards wouldn't fit I set about looking for another way to create the calendar, and this is what I came up with. I thought some of you might like to make your own so here's how I did it.