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So let's see what this whole blogging thing is about shall we?

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I have been talking about doing a blog for roughly a million years, I keep thinking how much I'd like to ramble to some invisible people on my iPad about our adventures, but then I never do it....until now!

So here we are at blog post number one for our adventures, I'm afraid I'm likely to ramble quite a lot, there will no doubt be a lot of photos as I'm a bit obsessed and I will more than likely swear on the odd occasion, sorry but that's just real life. I will endeavour to document our adventures, the places we visit and the projects we undertake. These will be the adventures of our family, our home ed life, my work at home life, life with a house full of boys, living in sunny (for at least three days of the year) Wiltshire, having fun and forever exploring. This is us.

I feel I should kick things off by telling you who we are, I'm Ria the mummy holding this crazy place together, I've currently got pink hair but I'll be honest and say it's anyone's guess what colour it might be in a couple of weeks, I am the mummy behind button and squirt (although I'm guessing you could probably have worked that out bearing in mind what site your on), married to Marc for 7 years now, he's daddy to our two boys, our bearded hero who we all adore, then there's our fur baby Tilly, the dog we got to make sure we could keep a living being alive before we ventured into having small people, she's a bit crazy and definitely thinks she's human, she's also the softest sweetest dog you could ever hope to meet. Then that brings us to the boys, Dexter is our crazy haired big boy, he lives for exploring and adventure, he's kind and sweet and has a real love for nature and the outdoors, and axel is our littlest dude, just turned two, he has a fiery temper, a cheeky smile and an infectious giggle, he would follow his brother anywhere and together I expect them to go on many crazy adventures, probably the sort that will have me sat at home biting my nails worrying about where the flip they are this time. 


Thats us ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Although apparently we need to take more family pics as that's over two years old and the only one I could find on my iPad, future pics will be much more up to date I promise. 

So that's us, as you can probably guess things can be a bit hectic around here with everything we have going on so blogs are probably going to be done a bit haphazardly at first whilst I get into the swing of things and find a good way for them to settle in. But I'm looking forward to travelling this blog road with you (hey look at me assuming someone other than myself will actually read these ramblings ????) 

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  1. Wendy

    Great blog. Look forward to more. X

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  2. Bex

    I will def be following xx

    Posted on

  3. Lara latchem

    Go for it ria. Love seeing all your adventures with the boys

    Posted on

  4. Jo

    I love keeping up with what you lovely lot get up to, yay! :)

    Posted on

  5. Louise

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. I am not sure how you fit in two busy boys, home schooling, running a house, business, family adventures etc but you seem to be doing a pretty awesome job! Good luck with the blogging x

    Posted on

  6. Somayeh Caesar

    Nice first blog Ria ? Good to get to know you a little better!

    Posted on

  7. Donna

    I cannot wait to read more about you all and follow the blog - I'm so happy you have finally taken the step! This is a fab first entry and I love the photo of you all together. Good luck going forward Mama! ?

    Posted on

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