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The Last Twelve

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I want you to take a minute to look at this image


This image shows 12 vaquitas.... just 12

12 isn’t a random number I’ve pulled from the air and it’s not what I thought might look pretty in a picture ... no ... 12 is how many of these amazing animals are estimated to be left in the world ...12!! Let that sink in. This is a creature that is almost certainly going to go extinct not just in our lifetime but in the extremely near future. This beautiful, innocent, stunning creature will go extinct .... because of humans. Because of us they will be gone from this earth forever, if that doesn’t make you sit back and take notice to what we are doing on this planet then honestly I don’t know what will.

If that isn’t enough to make you take a deep breathe and go f*ck what are we doing, to make you want to make a change, to make you realise our actions have serious consequences, to make you want to scream and be heard then will anything ever?

The vaquitas numbers have dropped significantly in the past couple of years due to illegal fishing, they are caught in the gill nets used to catch totoaba fish, whose swim bladders are in high demand and illegally trafficked. The Totoaba fish are also at the brink of extinction. 

This kind of behaviour can not continue, we can’t keep letting these things happen. 

Please support organisations that are trying to make a change, this is just one of many horrifying realities from around the world where humans are making all the wrong decisions, but together we have to believe that we can make a change that we can make people stop and think. It may well prove to be too late for the vaquita, but it’s not too late for many other animals, they just need us to be on their side and make the changes, fight their corner and shout shout shout until everyone listens.

While there are still 12 vaquita left we still need to do everything we can to fight for them, let’s not give up yet. Saturday 7th July is international save the vaquita day, so if you do nothing else to help please share this story, tell everyone you know about the vaquita, make them listen, let’s make sure everyone knows about those 12 individuals and that we don’t let them go without a fight. #savethevaquita 

I will be donating £5 from every vaquita tshirt sold this month.

If you want to help the vaquita you could look into supporting the following organisations


Sites they may be of interest.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the sites linked and can take no responsibility for the content of the sites linked. 

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