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Visiting Dippy at Cardiff Museum

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So if you’ve been following our adventures for a while you will know that we love the natural history museum in London, and as part of that, that it is dexters favourite place in the world. His first visit was on his 3rd birthday when he kept us walking every inch of that place literally from the moment they opened in the morning until they shut at the end of the day (and then made us go back the next day too) so its safe to say he loves it, and on that first trip he met Dippy, the iconic diplodocus that made Hintze Hall its home for so many years.

 We visited many times over the years, including one last time before Dippy was being removed from display, that day Dexter cried, he said Dippy was his friend and he was going to miss him, so of course I promised we would see him again…and luckily for us, Dippy left the Natural History Museum and went on a tour of the country. 

Dippy has visited lots of places on his tour of the country including Dorset County Museum and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and we caught up with him at another museum that we absolutely love, the National Museum Cardiff.


When you walk through the doors to the museum Dippy is right there ready to greet you, the boys ran straight in to say hello. Dippy just looks like he is meant to be there, he fills the entrance hall perfectly, like a happy friend ready to welcome you. After a quick catch up with everyone’s favourite dino, we headed off to explore the museum. 

 The boys absolutely love Cardiff museum, so we headed straight towards the dinosaurs. The way you step through time as you walk around it, seeing how wales has changed over millions of year, and then seeing how life has evolved. Learning about different creatures from dinosaurs to woolly mammoths and more. The whole set up is so immersive and makes it such a fun way to learn. I swear every time we go they pick up on something new, something different, something they didn’t spot before, and they take on more information about things they noticed previously.

As you move on you get to see lots of different animals, and even an amazing humpback whale skeleton, which is right next to an interactive section that changes throughout the year and is always the perfect way for the kids to have a bit of fun. The other amazing interactive area is the discovery room, where you can handle lots of different items, exploring them and learning all about them. It’s great to have an area where the kids can get completely hands on with the exhibits. 

It’s not too big so you can get around it easily in the day and revisit sections that you just need to see again. It’s a brilliant day out for kids big and small, and a place that we love visiting again and again. 



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