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Working with Wildlife - An interview with Lauren Sinclair

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An interview with.....

This is a new series of blogs, of interviews with some wonderful people who work within the animal industry, from zoo keepers, to museum curators and everything in between and those that are on the path to working in these positions too. Be inspired for a future where you can combine your love of animals with your day job. I hope you enjoy these interviews, that you can learn something from them and they can inspire you


Now let me introduce you to Lauren....


Lauren Sinclair




Wiltshire UK 

What do you do?

Recently graduated my Zoological Management and Conservation degree. 

How did you get into it?

I’ve volunteered at many zoos and small animal collections, my personal favourite being Noahs Ark Zoo Farm. After graduating my degree I got my first paid position at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre as a member of Primate Care Staff. 

What made you want to do what you do?

Working in the animal industry has always been a dream, so I went to animal management college, and from there decided my degree which lead to my first paid role. 

Did you need and particular qualifications? 

You don’t NEED any particular qualifications, but I’d say to do the level 3 animal management as a minimum and volunteer as much as you can.

Any tips for a young person that wants to do what you do?

The advice I would give to an aspiring zoo keeper is to just stick to it, volunteer as much as you can! Even if its on a section you might not see your future in. This will help you gain new skills and better understanding of working within a zoological collection, and will show your level of commitment in the zoo industry. Work hard, stay focused and never give up! 

What’s your favourite animal?

I’m a lover of Lemurs! 

What was the first animal that you fell in love with?

First animal I fell in love with would have been our first cats as a child, but my first pet of my own was a little hamster called Nibbles. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I watch ice hockey, but also really enjoy photography, so I spend lots of time doing photography at zoos. 

If you weren’t doing what you do now what else would you love to do?

If I wasn’t working with animals, I would be happy to do anything that means I can save up my pennies and travel to see animals in the wild.  

Who inspires you?

Simple : Sir David Attenborough

Where can people find you?



If you work within the wildlife industry and would like to be featured as part of this blog series please pop me an email to [email protected] 

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