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Painting a rainbow

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So with the country being put into lockdown, everyone is feeling the strain with life being turned upside down, we are all trying to take one day at a time and trying to keep going even through the hardest days. Kids need a pick me up to know that life will return to normal at some point, key workers need to know that we are al supporting them and thanking them for their amazing work throughout this crisis and others need to know that we are all in it together so when the days are hard they can remember that they aren't alone.

And its from all of that, that the country has started to paint rainbows to display in their front windows for the world to see. We have loved spotting rainbows when we have been for a walk, the kids love seeing all the different ones and its helping them to feel connected to others at a time when we are physically separated from everyone. 


So we have finally got round to making our own rainbow...and I thought if we're going to do it then we might as well go big...really big, and I thought you might like to see it being made. 

I started by getting some long sheets of paper (its from one of the ikea rolls of paper from the kids section) and laying them out on the floor in an arch shape, held together lightly with a bit of masking tape. 

I then sat in the middle and drew the curves on.....I basically treated myself as a protractor.


With the shape drawn on I seperated out the bits of paper and the boys set to painting, they painted each sheet separately and then we left it all to dry.


Once dry we stuck the sheets together with glue and tape. 


Then we made a couple of big fluffy clouds, I cut the shape from some more white paper and Dex painted on some light blue bumps to try and make them look nice and fluffy. 

With everything dry I took on the job of cutting the rainbow out ready to go on display, then we worked as a team to stick it up in the window. 

And thats it, thats the creation of our beautiful rainbow, I love a giant craft project and I think we will be doing lots more.

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