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Create you own Amazing Animal Comic Strip

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EDIT : This was a total flop and no one entered lol So even tho it was a failure I am leaving it up in case anyone wants to create a comic strip just for fun :)

Competition now closed

I thought it was about time we had another competition, I know so many of you loved the create your own amazing animal competition so I wanted to do something creative again, and inspiration came in a photo I was sent recently of an amazing comic strip created by a young animal lover inspired by my amazing sharks fact cards. 



Morys created a story about Hama the hammerhead shark, bully the bull shark and the superhero pig eye shark. Hama is lost and Bully has stolen his family but Pig the shark saves the day by shooting pigs from his eyes. Brilliant!


So for the competition I want you to create your own amazing animal comic strip. You need to create a story about some amazing animals, you can pick your favourite animal or take inspiration from my fact cards. Use what you know about them to help shape your story, how can you use their features and abilities in your story to take them on an adventure? Give them names and see where the adventure takes you. Draw pictures to represent the different parts of your story. 

How about an axolotl named Fred who needs to go to the supermarket, but has an accident on the way and needs to re grow his toe? Or what about the story of Jodie the pink fairy armadillo who was a master of hiding and could sneak her way into anywhere....whoever and whatever you pick make sure you have fun bringing it to life.

The competition is once again open to all ages, young and old, and is open to anyone from around the world to take part. 

You can download my comic strip template here, or draw on your own, and if you need more space then do a second sheet...or a third....just let your creativity and imagination lead the way.

Once you have finished your master piece you can send it in to me by email, direct message or posting on instagram tagging me @buttonandsquirt and using the hashtag #amazinganimalcomic 

You have until midnight June 7th 2020 to enter. 

Once all the entries are in we will pick the winner who will receive a Button and Squirt Amazing Animals goodie bag. 

Good luck and have fun creating your comic, I can't wait to see them all.

Competition is the sole responsibility of button and squirt, and is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by instagram, facebook or twitter. My decision is final. No alternatives will be offered.

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