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  1. FREE downloads to help you with school closure and self isolation 💜

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    If you are looking for some fun and free activities to do with the kids over the coming weeks then you can find them all on this link.

    Access free downloads 

    I plan to keep adding to thiswhenever I have time over the coming weeks. If there is something that you'd love to see me put on here then please just let me know and I will see what I can do.

  2. Coping having the kids at home

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    So, with everything that’s going on at the moment with covid-19 and the talk of school closures I know there are a lot of people out there potentially about to be faced with having their kids at home all the time when that’s not something they are prepared for and find a bit of a daunting idea. A question that comes up time and time again when people find out we home ed is how you cope with being with your kids all the time and how you entertain them…so I thought it might be worth doing a few blog posts that might help you out a little bit. 


  3. Visiting Dippy at Cardiff Museum

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    So if you’ve been following our adventures for a while you will know that we love the natural history museum in London, and as part of that, that it is dexters favourite place in the world. His first visit was on his 3rd birthday when he kept us walking every inch of that place literally from the moment they opened in the morning until they shut at the end of the day (and then made us go back the next day too) so its safe to say he loves it, and on that first trip he met Dippy, the iconic diplodocus that made Hintze Hall its home for so many years.