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  1. When we were offered the opportunity to visit Zippos Circus while it was in Bath my initial thoughts were, oh my god how cool, the kids are going to love it then my mind switched to is it cool? Are Circus' ok nowadays? Memories of dodgy animal welfare from circus' when I was a kid came to mind so my first step was to hit up google, animal welfare was one of the first things I came across on the zippo website and it was clear to me that it was something they take very seriously and as such I quickly went back to being very excited.

  2. This adventure began a month or so ago, I was sat in the office when I spotted a voicemail on my phone, a quick listen and a call back and I had been informed that we had won a runners up prize in a giveaway I'd entered on the Natural History Museum Website, an invitation to a preview and the official opening of the new Hintze Hall display.